Paving with different aesthetic pattern and colour options

Block Paving

To start we use a digger or breaker to dig down and then fill it with type 1 stone to ensure an even, solid sub base to stop sinking, uneven areas and water collections/puddles.

Once foundations are appropriate and compacted, a sharp sand or other equivalent products can then be screened to correct heights and falls. String lines are then usually set up to make sure the blocks are in continuous straight lines throughout the works.

When setting up for block paving projects you should always try to make sure you are square off the adjacent building or square off the sufficient equivalent, you can do this by using a set square and string lines and by taking precise measurements from the subject structure.

Block paves are then laid manually in uniform patterns before being covered with dry sand to fill in the joints between blocks and then compacted using a compactor. Drainage channels can be added where needed and manhole covers can be incorporated into the pattern & design.

Block paving comes in many different shapes, colours and sizes with the most popular being Driveline and Tegular with options of 50 or 80mm depths. 50mm is often used for pedestrian walkways and 80mm for vehicles and heavy traffic. The blocks can also be permeable which helps with water management on some driveways where needed.

We can supply and fit many combinations of design, patterns and colours to make your driveway unique and ensure it compliments your home & garden when installed.

Patterns & Styles

The style and pattern can make a real difference on how the installation looks. Herringbone, 90 & 45, brick pattern, basket weave & different border patterns are the most popular.

Different Colours Available

Autumn, Brindle, Heather, Buff, Charcoal, Grey, Red & Natural Stone are some of the main colours available.

To compliment the range there are some patterned and styled extras you can use to really finish off your drive in your own unique way. From matching colours and styles of different kerbs to edge the drive and create a border, to focal features such as decorative circles and project packs to really finish off your project in style.

Block Paving – Core Values


Using a machine compacter, we compact the bricks and sand around doorways to ensure a flush fitting, hand compaction using a rubber mallet is also used


We uses a wide range of trusted suppliers to ensure that the products we use are the best quality and long lasting

Why Block Paving?

Block paving is a very nice surface for backyards walkways and any other foot paths they are easy to install and easy to remove when you wish to


Block paving is very durable and long lasting as we use the correct products and trained employees. We guarantee 5 years until your block paving may need updating


The main use for block paved areas is generally walkways and foot traffic areas, but it can also be used for driveway and parking areas


The price of block paving can vary a lot depending on materials but we always try to offer a competitive price