Perfect for larger Driveways, Car Parks and other bigger areas


Asphalt machine pavers are generally used to distribute larger quantities of tarmac to larger areas where space is accessible, such as car parks, farm lanes and highways.

Machine pavers perform better when the sub surface or foundation is level, creating a precise level surface finish with depths and falls being consistent throughout. A machine paver will lay tarmac up to widths of 4 meters and travel along lengths as required.

A driver and screw men are required to operate the machinery with labourers and grounds men needed to fill in sections not accessible for the paver.

Types of Asphalt Used For Surfacing

There are three main types of surfacing products AC 6, AC 10 and AC 14, these products are generally used as standard specification requirements.  For heavier use and when specified, products such as SMA (Stone, Mastic, Asphalt) or Hot roll are used.


AC 6 – Wearing course for footpaths and lightly trafficked areas such as driveways and courtyards.

AC 10 – Surface layer rural roads, car parks and driveways, which are considered lower stressed areas.

AC 14 – Mainly used for the heavier trafficked areas such as busy main roads and motorways.

AC 20 – The Binder course is placed between the surface and base layer to help bind and create a solid foundation.

AC 32 – Base course used to provide a solid foundation for your binder and surface courses to be laid on.

SMA and Hot Roll Products – Used in higher stressed areas such as car parks or on road bends – generally in areas where turning is apparent.

Machine Laid Tarmac – Core Values


The paver can lay all sort of materials to suit your needs for your specific job


Pavers are more accurate than hand lay so create a better level surface than hand laid asphalt


All our staff are trained in using a paver and working around the paver


Different pavers can be used for different surface areas to do it in the least time possible at the best price


We use a trusted and qualified paver rental who supply all sorts of pavers and have advice on which paver is best suited for your job

Larger Areas

Pavers are best suited for large surface areas where hand laying is not feasible and would be to expensive