Plane the damaged tarmac off, and lay the new tarmac

Road Planing

Asphalt road planners are generally used to scratch and excavate a hard surface either on roads, court yards or other surfaces with asphalt layers.

This Can be a more effective method, to prevent a full excavation being necessary.

It is a very good way to excavate accurate depths of a surface area and leave a more level surface. The surface planing creates a more level and better finish when a surface layer is laid.

When Grading off a surface all the excavated asphalt is loaded straight onto the back of a lorry and removed from site. The material can then be recycled.

Asphalt planers come in many different sizes

The BM500 is a highly manoeuvrable small milling machine which weighs approximately 7,600kg and can grade off depths up to 210mm excellent for repair work, tie in works.

The W35DC is mostly used forMilling small areas for reinstatement of pavements, milling around manhole covers, removal of road markings at, widths of 1.0m, graded up 300mm depths.

W100CFI is a compact front loader in the 1.0m class with outstanding productivity and a sophisticated vision concept. This milling machine will produce precise results guaranteed.

Pavers can come up to 1200mm widths and these are what you would usually use on Highways and large car parks to achieve the best finish possible.

Road Planing – Core Values


Chosen the correct machine for the job size is vital as the job may require different machines for different areas


All our staff know how to operate when a planer is on site and all the safety issues that arise when using a planer


The surface created after using a planer is a level surface at a specific depth that can be layed straight onto


A planer is used to excavate the tarmac at a specific depth and will achieve a level surface on all asphalt

Time Scale

Planing is relatively fast and a large area can be completed in a small amount of time


Planning is relatively cheap as you only have to pay for machine hire and labour